Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We return your youth to more pre-programmed madness

At this rate we are going to have to have the government pre-chew our food for us so we don't choke. Per the Omaha World-Herald (via Drudge, registration required on

Omaha is banning sledding at the Zorinsky and Cunningham Lake dams, which are both popular sledding spots. It is also banning ice skating and ice fishing on frozen ponds and lagoons in city parks. The move is in response to a court decision that resulted in public entities being liable for injuries that occur at public parks and other recreation facilities.
Honestly, this stuff puts me over the edge. Kids need unstructured playtime away from marauding adults. This so they learn how do deal with live without a mediator around lest they learn this the hard way at college. Sledding in the park was a staple of my youth and taught me a bunch of things that were valuable such as
  1. Don't aim at people with your sled... because when you hit them their big brother will beat you senseless
  2. Don't go places that you could possibly lose control near big trees, enough said (also good when skiing - see Sonny Bono)
  3. Wear layers so you can play longer
  4. A hill that ends onto a busy street is a bad idea
Please someone - how do we stop this? Is wiffleball next?

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Elia said...

Yes, but on the flip-side, do you want to pay more taxes because your town has been sued by some kid's family because their kid wasn't careful sledding and broke his neck?

Can a compromise be reached where the liability is put on the parents rather than the town?

Love, The Lovely Wife