Monday, March 31, 2008

Another season of The Bachelor

I don't watch a ton of TV, but one indulgence that I allow myself is the train wreck known as The Bachelor. I have an amazing track record of spotting the final two women very quickly. This year I need one more week to make my predictions.

My friend Joan writes very witty recaps of each episode of The Bachelor. Her latest is up on her blog - A Piece of Joan's Mind.

Here is an excerpt:

Some additional (shallow) comments/observations:
  • I love Erin S simply becuase she's a hot dog vendor.
  • Shayne's hair at the cocktail party makes her look like Elisha Cuthbert as a bordello worker. I sense she and her Agent came up with a list of looks that will demonstrate her acting versatility over the course of the season. Can't wait to see her (slutty) merchant ivory get up.
  • Robin might be this season's premier psycho. Or it might be lap-dancing Marshana. Either way, I think they'll both be fun.
  • Carri is a "Church Marketer". Who pays her salary? What would Jesus have on his business cards?
  • I love Amanda because she gets stress hiccups. Hilarious!

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