Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bacon Salt redefines my Top 5 "What was life like before this?" list

Okay, as many of you know who follow my Tweets on Twitter, I have procured the variety pack of Bacon Salt. I love bacon. I think this xkcd comic summarizes my life well. So I am going to attempt to claim my Bacon Salt experiment is a "health play".

In the last 12 hours I have put it on popcorn (Original flavor) and scrambled eggs with cheddar (Peppered). Both are absolutely awesome. The bacon flavor is surprisingly intense. I would say this though, despite its name, it isn't extremely salty. In both cases, I have had to supplement with my standard course ground salt to get the right level of seasoning.

The thing that surprises me most is that this product is supposedly vegan-friendly, which I think means that no actual bacon is used in its production. What black magic provides the taste? The mystery is eating me despite the fact that the ingredients are on the side of the bottle.

I am pretty sure Bacon Salt will be a staple in my cabinet and I will be reordering often. Often, I talk to people about products that I would loath to go back to life without them. Here is my current Top 5, redefined now.

  1. Internet connectivity. Duh. I love my FIOS.
  2. Tivo. Any early parent can especially appreciate the value a DVR has, given all the child-driven interuptions.
  3. Hot Yoga. This is my other health play. I started at the beginning of the year and it has been revolutionary. Exercise that I regularly do? That is why it is on the list. I will post more on this some other time.
  4. Bacon Salt. See Above. By the way, the founders/creators have a blog, it is hilarious.
  5. Nature's Rest Latex bed (King Size). I have a reputation of being a person who needs little sleep. Once we bought these during my wife's second pregnancy, I started being able to sleep 1-2 hours more per night.
Just getting pushed out of the list, replaced by Bacon Salt, is Heated Car Seats. Which I still love because nothing beats warm buns in the winter.

I will post more on my Bacon Salt exploratory weekend here if something is revolutionary, otherwise, you can just follow my trevails on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I like your top 5. Not sure Bacon Salt would make my Top 5 because I really, really like my sushi pajamas.

J&D said...

Hi John - Thanks for the post. You've won our blog of the week contest ( We have some goodies to send your way in gratitude, but need your address to send it to. Please email us with your info at

Yours in bacon,