Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Chumby is available next month

Many of my friends all comment on the original Chumby in our house. We use it as a clock, whole-house Pandora player and Google Calendar display among other things. Here is a snippest from Engadget on the newest release...

Wrapping one's brain around Chumby's original concept -- drop some Flash-based widgets inside a plush vinyl sphere with WiFi and a touchscreen -- has never been an easy task, but after a couple years of low-key retail action, it looks like the company's finally ready to bring a new version into the mix that might be a little more mainstream. The simply-named One dispenses of the old model's squeezable shell, earning a more businesslike appearance and trading up to a slightly speedier 454MHz core (not to say you need a lot of horsepower when you're lackadaisically cruising feeds, weather forecasts, and clock faces on a QVGA screen, but we're not complaining)

It is rumored to be around $100 when it launches next month - I will put a link up then.

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