Thursday, May 18, 2006

If you don't know what it is, you don't have it

I love Fast Lane. In Massachusetts for those that have to pay to use the Mass Pike (I will address this some other time), we have an automated toll collection system known as Fast Lane. In theory its great. It saves me a ton of time most days - plus - I don't have to fish around for change while driving.

There is a drawback - stupid people. Stupid people actually increase the likelihood of an accident by meandering into the Fast Lane line either a) without thinking OR b) thinking "hey this line is shorter, I should go here". Then, they realize - there is no person there to take my ticket and they FREEZE. This is where the danger begins and my blood boils. Society would be better off if they would just drive through and take their ticket for being stupid, but NOOOO. Instead, they think the smart thing to do on an Interstate, in a crowd, is to put their car in reverse to get into a better lane.

So, IF DONE RIGHT people who don't have Fast Lane but go through the lane (like a normal car) get a ticket, a small one first, then on each subsequent offense doubling it. But, people who reverse in the lane have their license suspended immediately. By immediately, I mean someone comes out of the booth takes their keys and license and explains how they are lucky they live in America, because in other cultures they would be slain.

Just to be clear: If you are approaching a toll area, and there are lanes marked in large signs indicating something that you don't understand, you aren't part of the program. DO NOT GO INTO THAT LANE.

[UPDATE: 12:18pm] Some punctuation corrected.

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