Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top 10 movies I will see over and over again

This blog isn't just going to be about politics and other rantings. Occasionally it may end up being a dumping ground for some of these lists that people (what people, you may ask?) talk with me about. This is going to be just such an occasion.

I strongly dislike watching movies even twice. My poor wife stares longingly at our DVD collection with hopes that someday, I will sit with her again through Howard's End or something. This isn't going to happen.

I do however have a small cadre of movies that I am willing to watch repeatedly. Some of these, I might even watch back-to-back. Here is my top ten list:

10. Oceans Eleven - I love heist movies, what can I say

9. The Blues Brothers - "no ma'am, we're musicians"

8. Any of the Sean Connery Bond movies - save the world, get the girl(s)

7. A Princess Bride - so quotable, I think I use a quote from this everyday

6. Star Wars (A New Hope and Empire only) - classic

5. The Godfather (I and II) - another amazing and quotable movie

4. This is Spinal Tap - I start laughing before the credits and basically, don't stop

3. Hoosiers - Basketball and Leadership

2. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - "ill-tempered" sea bass with lasers, does it get any better?

1. The Fifth Element - This movie completely rocks.

I am sure I will think of others. But for now, this is where I start. Tell me what I missed in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How about the Matrix (just the first one, of course). I also think you'd watch City Slickers again, just for the quotes.

"Scoop of vanilla, scoop of chocolate. Don't waste my time."


Anonymous said...

Speaking of movie quotes, my wife challenged me on the ubiquity of "it's not a tumor"....I use it, but she thinks it's stupid to quote Kindergarten Cop...good point, but I do think it is a common quote. Right?

Dot Connector said...

It's not a tumor is my standard response to all health related hypochondriac-like complaints.