Friday, November 21, 2008

I like Sarah Palin, but this is awful

They need to give her PR people to the dude in the back.


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has answered a resounding "You betcha" to the question "Can she be anymore oblivious?" After pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving, Governor Palin gave a surreal interview with a local news team yesterday - right in front of a dude slaughtering turkeys. Amazing. My favorite part is the look on the guy's face as he realizes "Wow, you're really going to do this." Then gets back to work because it's Alaska, and it's fucking cold out. In the meantime, someone needs to tell Sarah Palin's the elections over, so she can stop reciting the words John McCain wrote on the inside of her eyelids ad nauseum. Jesus, lady. I don't see how Todd Palin doesn't spend the majority of his day purposely getting rammed in the ear by snowmobiles. Unless he's somehow immune to shrill. Thanks to heather! who should be appointed Secretary of the Awesome.

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